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  • Get personalized 1:1 or group lessons designed to help you pass a class or boost your knowledge. Tadrees guarantees to connect you with a teacher who meets your needs and criteria!
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Customized Search

Find your teacher based on your search criteria; topic, location, preferred gender, and name.

No Upfront Payment

Pay nothing when you book your lesson. Pay after you finish your lesson.


All teachers have been verified to give you the best teaching experience. You will get the chance to rate your experience with the teacher.


A dashboard of your payments and lessons schedule will be right in front of you each time you log in.


Tadrees offers a two-way communication between you and your teacher to ensure you are both on the same page.


Tadrees is dedicated to providing 24/7 customer support because we know how important learning is.

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How does it work?

    1 Search for a teacher based on topic, date, keywords, and location

    2 Choose a teacher from your search results

    3 Send the teacher a lesson request that fits your time or ask your teacher a question before you request a lesson

    4 You will receive a notification if the teacher accepts or declines the request. If accepted, the lesson will be added to your lessons’ schedule.

    5 Message with your teacher to make sure he is well-prepared for the lesson.

    6 Finally, show up, get your lesson, pay the lesson fare ,and DON’T forget to rate your teacher

    Note : You can manage your payments, lessons, messages, questions, requests through Tadrees App. Also, reach out to Tadrees team if you have any issue.
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